Bujinkan Kage Dojo Glasgow

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If you would like to learn more and join a class, please get in touch with the instructor for details.

What our classes look like

Our classes are attended by 5-10 students of varying experience and grades. Some are relative beginners and some have years of experience. Classes run for 2 hours. You will have a chance to mix, learn and get to know other students.

In each class the instructor demonstrates techniques with students, and then students study these techniques in pairs and receive feedback and tutoring.

Classes run on a rolling basis and we frequently return to the fundamentals as the basis of more advanced techniques, so you do not need to worry about not knowing what to do at the beginning! The instructor will share out training materials and recommend practice at home to build on each class.

Who can attend class?

You do not need to have a gymnastic levels of fitness to train with us. Many students start relatively unfit, but you will naturally develop due to regular training.

We welcome students from all religious and cultural backgrounds, of all ethnicities and genders.

You must be 16 years or older to take part.

How to show up at class

All that is required is loose clothing that you can move freely in and that you are fine to be pulled or tugged. Jeans, designer shirts and other tight/delicate fabrics may hinder you. A bottle of water is also advisable.

Students who continue to train will eventually acquire a black gi (a training uniform). You and your instructor will have a chance to discuss kit and equipment.