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David Caggie, Head Instructor

David Caggie, Head Instructor & Founder
David Caggie explaining

My name is David Caggie and I am head instructor and founder of Bujinkan Kage Dojo Glasgow. I would like to tell people a bit about myself and my background in the martial arts.

  • I started training when I was nine years old on the 10th September 1980 in traditional Taekwon-Do, which I stayed with till I was 16 years old. During this time I advanced through the grades and became Scotland's youngest Taekwon-Do black belt at the age of 12.
  • When I was 14 I started getting interested in other martial arts and began classes at the Krause Academy of Martial Arts learning Wing Chun, Kali, Muay Thai etc which I found really interesting.
  • When I was 15 I met martial arts instructor Dan Inosanto, and attended seminars in Glasgow. At this point I kept training and started Shotokan Karate, gaining my shodan (first degree black belt) after a short period of time.
  • When I was 16 I became interested in Ninjutsu and the ninja. I made enquiries and found there were classes running in Glasgow so I went along.

This was now January 1987. I trained with various top level instructors in the Bujinkan, the late Bo Munthe, Sven Eric Bogsater from Sweden, Pedro Fleitas, Ed Lomax and others who were all doing seminars in UK at this point.

At the beginning of 1995 I gained my shodan in Ninjutsu and after much thought I opened up Bujinkan Kage Dojo Glasgow in May 1995 in a small community centre and never looked back.

I worked my way through the grades with various instructors gaining my second, third and fourth dans and in September 2006 I went to Japan to train and gained my fifth dan and my Shidoshi-ho teaching certificate.

On returning from Japan my ninjutsu practice took a drastic shift, a big change of how I viewed my training and how I practised. Gladly it was all for the best. Now enough about me: a bit about the dojo.

Teaching at class

Looking at musha dori from various

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