Bujinkan Kage Dojo Glasgow

Authentic Japanese Ninjutsu / Budo Taijutsu adult classes in South Glasgow

Join us in the study of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, a classical Japanese martial art for self defence involving unarmed and weapon techniques from nine historical samurai and ninja schools, in a small friendly Southside dojo led by a senior instructor.


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Classes are resuming outdoors depending on student and instructor availability.

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Beginners welcome to start at any time

  • BEGINNER FRIENDLY. No prior experience needed. Close supervision and personalised guidance by Instructors.
  • SAFETY FIRST. There is no sparring as taijutsu is not a sport or a competition.
  • TECHNIQUE OVER SPEED & POWER. Precision is prioritised over speed and power. If we need to use a technique in real life, we have a better chance of success.
  • USE ANY & ALL WEAPONS. We use traditional Japanese weapons such as the tachi (curved longsword), naginata (glaive), bo (quarterstaff) , shuriken, amongst others. However, taijutsu lays the foundation for effective use of any object as a self-defence tool.